I’ve written a number of ruby scripts that use MovingImages. One of the recent ones takes advantage of the CoreImage filter functionality that I’ve recently hooked into Moving Images. You’ll get to see this in the second alpha release which I’m pleased to say will be released soon.

The script is called exactly as shown below:

./dotransition --count 30 --sourceimage "/Users/ktam/Pictures/20140422 Pictures/DSC01625Small2.JPG" --destinationimage "/Users/ktam/Pictures/20140422 Pictures/DSC01625Small2.JPG" --basename PageCurl --outputdir "~/Desktop/deleteme/" --backsideimage "/Users/ktam/Pictures/20140422 Pictures/DSC01625SmallCropped.jpg" --angle=-3.07 --transitionfilter CIPageCurlTransition --extent 0,0,463,694 --verbose

I then used a script that you can download that works with the first alpha release of MovingImages and was called exactly as shown below:

./createanimation --delaytime 0.1 --outputfile ~/Desktop/PageTurningAnimation.gif --verbose ~/Desktop/deleteme/PageCurl*.tiff

The result of running both those scripts

Gif animation where the same page is turned over forever

The MovingImages documentation shows the output images at each step of the filter chain. Scroll down past the generated json code to see the images.

The create animation script can be viewed here.

The do transition script can be viewed here.

And an earlier demonstration using the embossmask script

Moving Images