This blog will be about my experience of learning AVFoundation a multimedia API for Mac OS and iOS.

On the way I’ll be catching up on other things I need to know. I’ve been using Xcode 3.X for a long time but have hardly used Xcode 4.X and I’ve missed out on picking up some of the changes to Objective-C.

The blog will start with blog posts about things like ARC, Blocks, and other newer features of Objective-C. It would seem that Swift has taken over all of that.

Along the way there will also probably be blog posts about my experience of using CoreImage, CoreGraphics, and things like Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) plus scripting using shell scripts and python.

You should be able to view my public progress at or see me blather on twitter at @CocoaKevin or you can e-mail me at ktam[at]

One day I will actually get around to working on AVFoundation.

Let the journey begin.